Laura M Okin

Clinical Psychologist

Laura Okin, Psy. D

Phone: 6178629307

8 Pleasant St
Natick, MA 01760
Profession(s): Child Specialist


Counties Served: Essex, Middlesex, Norfolk, Suffolk, Worcester
About Me:

I am a licensed psychologist with 15 years of clinical experience providing psychotherapy to children, adolescents, and adults. I received child training in graduate school and in my post-doctoral fellowship. My private practice focuses on providing parenting consultation and coaching to help parents better understand, be attuned to, and respond to their children’s needs.

I initially became involved in Family Law by performing GAL Evaluations and other kinds of family forensic evaluations for the Committee for Public Counsel Services. I am a Consultant and Associate Professor at Tufts Comprehensive Forensic Evaluation Center. I have a Certificate in Child and Family Forensics from William James College. I am an active member of MAGAL, serve as Treasurer on the Board of Directors and as a member of the Education Committee.

After completing the Introduction to Collaborative Law Practice course with MCLC, I am turning my attention to the role of Child Specialist. My objective in this role is to help create a child focused parenting plan and address other child related concerns that arise in the context of divorce. When meeting with children and adolescents in this process, I use my clinical and interview skills to help them express themselves so that I can convey their needs and wants to the professional team. So often, children’s voices get drowned out in parental conflict or parents struggle to separate their own needs and wants with those of their children. I am focused on mitigating the impact of parental conflict on children and adolescents, and on how best to understand and capture their unique experiences.


Child Specialist