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Nov 17, 2020
When a former family law colleague of mine told me about Collaborative Law Process sometime around 2008, conceptually it sounded much like a series of traditional four-way meetings, but with a therapist present. As a fledgling dispute resolution process, I saw no harm in adding this skill set to my professional tool kit to bolster the transition of my practice out of litigation and into dispute resolution... read more
Jun 8, 2020
Dear Collaborative Community, We are deeply saddened and angered as we reflect on the recent tragic incidents of violence targeted against people of color. As a community of peace builders and promoters of justice through dispute resolution, we strive to foster the principles of equality, diversity, and inclusivity. We challenge our membership and the community at large to be vigilant and intentional in creating and embracing these principles... read more


A Collaborative Law Success Story is a four-part video series... See all here



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We are are launching a new program to help modest-means clients divorce collaboratively.

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