Jenna Brownson

Collaborative Law Attorney/Mediator

Holistic Collaboration

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Profession(s): Family Law Attorney, Mediator
Counties Served: Essex, Middlesex, Norfolk, Suffolk, Worcester
About Me:

After finishing at the top of her law school class, Attorney Brownson clerked for the Massachusetts Superior Court before working for the commonwealth as a public defender.

For a few years thereafter, Attorney Brownson represented family law clients, requiring court appearances where tensions ran high and the wheels of justice moved slowly. After many heartaches and frustrations with the adversarial framing of Spouse #1 v. Spouse #2, Attorney Brownson found a better way to help people through divorce: Mediation.

The comprehensive training Attorney Brownson received launched her mediation practice over ten years ago. For a period of time, Attorney Brownson practiced co-mediation with a licensed mental health counselor, sharpening her mediation skills alongside another professional. Attorney Brownson has completed many additional trainings, including Elder Mediation, Complex Financial Matters in Divorce Mediation, and Conciliation in District Court Civil Matters, among others.

Attorney Brownson is a member of the International Academy of Collaborative Professionals, Massachusetts Collaborative Law Council, and the Massachusetts Council on Family Mediation.

When Attorney Brownson is not practicing collaborative law, she spends her time writing novels, helping people die as a death doula, and hiking her dog in the verdant woods behind the house she shares with her spouse and their mostly grown four children.


Attorney Jenna Brownson has been practicing divorce mediation for over ten years. With that practical experience, Attorney Brownson decided to expand her alternative dispute resolution practice by including collaborative law in divorce and family matters.

Working cooperatively with a team of professionals who are committed to both peacemaking and staying out of court is, in Attorney Brownson's opinion, the best way to holistically serve those in the emotionally daunting process of divorcing.

Collaborative law is structured so that both parties have the benefit of specially trained, legal counsel by their sides as the parties work through their divorce. Using carefully planned meetings that center on interest-based negotiations, collaborative law takes an open-minded approach where the clients, their attorneys, and a neutral coach/facilitator all contribute to finding client-led solutions. Additionally, a neutral financial professional contributes to the discussions by providing a clear-eyed analysis of "the numbers" related to income, expenses, valuations, and the like.

Collaborative law emphasizes cooperation, problem-solving, and decision-making, all of which are based on the clients' needs, both present and future. With collaborative law, the clients formulate their own practical and liveable way of moving forward, an opportunity not readily available to those who opt to litigate.

Fee Information:

Attorney Brownson charges $300.00 an hour for her advocacy and guidance in all collaborative matters.

No retainer is required to work with Attorney Brownson as she has found that her clients prefer a more palatable pay-as-you-go method over providing a steep reatiner.



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