In a Collaborative case, clients work with a team of collaboratively trained professionals with the goal of reaching an out-of-court settlement.  The team includes two attorneys, a coach/facilitator, and as needed, a financial neutral, child specialist and other professional experts.  Each of these team members has a role in the Collaborative process which is described further below:

The Collaborative attorney:

  • Represents the client’s interests, taking into account the other party’s interests and the family as a whole
  • Refrains from using adversarial techniques
  • Educates the client about legal issues
  • Works effectively with the other attorney and coach/facilitator to create a structure and environment that maximizes settlement potential


The Collaborative Coach / Facilitator:


  • Serves as a neutral focused on managing process, client behavior, and emotions
  • Provides expert advice on the psychology of divorce
  • Identifies and reinforces effective communication between parties
  • Intervenes to contain and manage conflict
  • Educates the attorneys about the parties’ communication dynamics


The Neutral Financial Professional:

During the Collaborative process, the parties may choose to engage a neutral financial specialist whose role may include the following:

  • Works for both parties as a neutral using agreed upon information
  • Provides tax analysis
  • Generates financial projections for the future
  • Evaluates short and long term financial consequences of decisions


The Child Specialist:

In Divorce and Family Law cases, if parents are unable to agree on how to best serve the needs of their children, they may choose to jointly engage a child specialist to provide advice and assistance specific to their child's needs.

Other Professionals:

During the Collaborative process, the parties may choose to engage other neutral professionals to assist with specific areas that require their unique expertise.

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