If you and the parent of your child are not married, Collaborative Law can help you work through important decisions in a private way. As new parents, Collaborative Law can help you:

  • Have the discussions necessary to establish paternity.
  • Talk with each other about a parenting plan which will work well for both of you and your child. The coach/facilitator may be able to give you information about child development which will help you with your decisions.
  • Share information about your experiences with and hopes for child-rearing.
  • Make important decisions about how you will handle future decisions for your child’s school, religion, and medical issues.
  • You can bring in a financial expert to help you both understand different approaches to child support, sharing expenses, life insurance and planning for your child’s future education.

Paternity cases are often difficult because the parties may not have had a long-term relationship with each other before they have a child. These cases are particularly suited to Collaborative Law because the parties can work with jointly engaged child specialist to understand what their child needs at each stage of life.


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