All of us walked away from the process feeling like everyone was treated fairly and all parties were satisfied with the outcome.

Encouraging Settlement

Most disagreements are resolved out of court. Eventually. Collaborative law helps parties resolve disagreements faster, with less disruption and often a significantly less expense than litigation.  Collaborative Law allows parties to keep control of both the process and result, while crafting customized outcomes that go beyond the range of solutions available in court.

How does Collaborative Resolution Work?

The parties and their attorneys voluntarily agree in writing to seek a resolution on their own terms, without court intervention, and to exchange relevant information freely and confidentially.

The parties are assisted by:

  • Attorneys trained in Collaborative Law, who advocate by problem-solving rather than by taking a lead adversarial role, 
  • A neutral Coach/Facilitator who helps maintain momentum and encourage communication, and
  • Jointly retainer neutral experts who joint the team as needed.

Joint meetings, with agendas strategically planned to increase efficiency, assist parties in identifying and expressing their real concerns and give parties the freedom to brainstorm effective solutions. The lawyers do not negotiate substance without their clients’ involvement.

To help keep the focus on the conference room instead of the courtroom, the Collaborative attorneys agree to step aside in case of litigation.

Why Should You Choose Collaborative Law?

In deciding whether Collaborative Law  is the right way to approach your case, consider the importance to you of:

  • Control over the speed, cost and outcome.
  • Ability to customize the process.
  • Ongoing legal support without high-conflict tactics.
  • Private and Confidential resolution, generally without public court filings.
  • Preserving a business or personal relationship.

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