MCLC Vision

Transforming the culture of conflict resolution.

MCLC Mission

Advancing Collaborative Law Practice through education, advocacy and professional development.

About MCLC

We are a community of interdisciplinary professionals, dedicated to resolving legal disputes out of court.  MCLC consists of attorneys, mental health professionals, coach/facilitators, financial specialists, mediators, and other professionals who use a team based approach to conflict resolution. The focus is on problem solving, with a client-centered focus that addresses needs, interests, and goals through the use of advocacy without being adversarial.

MCLC provides its members with a statewide organization that supports a website, numerous  practice groups around the state, educational materials, member meetings,  beginning and advanced trainings and workshops with local experts as well as internationally known experts, membership in IACP which is an international organization that shares its extensive resources and library with MCLC, and more. MCLC has many committee where you can get involved at the statewide level as well as the local level to network, enhance your professional development, and be part of a growing area of practice. Come join us and be part of our collaborative community!

The Massachusetts Collaborative Law Council Story

In June of 1999, Rita S. Pollak had the good fortune to moderate a panel on the topic of collaborative law. On the panel was Stuart Webb, the creator of the collaborative law process, as well as other leaders in the early days of the collaborative practice movement. Having learned about collaborative law and witnessed the positive reaction of attendees at the workshop, Rita returned to Boston “high” on collaborative law. She contacted David Hoffman, who was already somewhat familiar with the process, and the two of them agreed to invite a small number of like-minded colleagues to discuss bringing collaborative law to Massachusetts. 20 people were invited and 20 came. Each person at the first meeting was asked to invite a colleague to the next meeting, and so the group grew. By April of 2000 the Massachusetts Collaborative Law Council was formed.

Today we have expanded our membership to include financial professionals, divorce coaches and child specialists. We have the largest Civil Collaborative Practice Section in the world. Our members practice in all areas including business, family law, employment, trusts and estates, contracts and insurance law. We have trained over 500 collaborative professionals in Massachusetts and have joined other collaborative professionals in the United States, Canada and around the world in our commitment to foster solutions-based settlements for people in resolving their differences.

Please join us and feel free to contact any of our officersdirectors or members for more information.



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