MCLC is now using an automated system to make renewing easier than ever. Before you renew, please review MCLC's Membership Standards for Collaborative Practitioners and the  following frequently asked questions. When you’re ready, use the links at the bottom of the page to submit your renewal form.


How can I check my current membership type and expiration date?

Your current membership status and your expiration date is shown in the bottom of the left-hand column when you are logged in. You cannot edit these fields; they are automatically updated when you renew your membership.


Will you always remind me to renew?

Yes. You’ll receive a series of e-mail reminders starting 60 days before your expiration date. We encourage you to renew as soon as possible to ensure that your MCLC and IACP member benefits continue without interruption. When you renew with MCLC, your membership with each organization will be extended one year from your current expiration date. See “What about my IACP membership renewal?” for more information.


What if I don’t renew by my expiration date?

MCLC will deactivate your membership on your expiration date and all your member benefits will stop. As an expired member you will have access only to the public section of the MCLC Web site.

Don’t let this happen: Renew by your expiration date!


How much does it cost to renew?



What is the Bette Winik Scholarship ?

The Bette Winik Scholarship provides support for individuals who wish to participate in training and conferences in Collaborative Law but lack the financial resources to do so. The Council has given dozens of scholarships made possible by member donations.

When you renew, please take the opportunity to contribute. Your support will be sincerely appreciated!


What about my IACP membership renewal? How does that work?

All members of MCLC who renew automatically receive an additional year of whole-group membership in IACP.

Renewing your IACP membership through MCLC is easy. On the MCLC renewal form we ask that you:

  • Agree to the IACP Standards and the IACP Mark use requirements.
  • Let us know if you wish to purchase a “hotlink” from your IACP Web listing to your personal Web site for an additional $25.
  • Let us know if you wish to opt-out of mailing list sharing.

That’s all you need to do. MCLC sends one dues payment to IACP on the first of each month for all MCLC members who have renewed the previous month. Please renew with MCLC as soon as possible so your IACP membership doesn’t lapse during this processing period.


Can I renew for more than one year or make my renewal automatic from year to year?

Not right now. We may consider those options for the future.


How do I pay for my renewal?

MCLC, through Paypal, accepts VISA, MasterCard and Discover.


I have a question you didn’t answer. How do I contact you?

E-mail We’ll be happy to help.


I’m ready to renew. What do I do next?

First, login.    Then click on Renew my Membership in the My Membership menu in left-hand column. 

You may want to print these FAQs so you can refer to them as you complete your renewal application.



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