Dawn Dweir Effron

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101 Coolidge Street
Brookline, MA 02446
Profession(s): Family Law Attorney, Mediator
Counties Served: Middlesex, Norfolk, Suffolk
About Me:

I focus on the resolution of family, divorce and post-divorce issues through mediation and collaborative law. By using mediation and collaborative law instead of litigation I enable clients to be heard and supported, to find more lasting and satisfying resolutions, and to achieve these results more quickly and cost-effectively. In addition to incorporating critical interpersonal and communication skills into my practice, I teach these skills at Northeastern University School of Law, New England Law | Boston and Massachusetts Collaborative Law Council's introductory trainings.

I’ve been an attorney since 1983, and draw on extensive litigation experience. In 1998, I refocused my practice from litigation to mediation and collaborative law to better assist clients through this difficult process, and produce better outcomes for them.

I am deeply committed to and involved in this more holistic approach to dispute resolution. I formerly served on the Board of Directors and as Vice President of Education and Training of the Massachusetts Collaborative Law Council. I also served as Co-Chair of the Boston Bar Association - Boston Municipal Court Alternative Dispute Resolution Task Force, operating a mediation program in Boston Municipal Court for more than ten years.


Mediation, Collaborative representation.

Core Certifications
Collaborative Attorney (CA)

Access to Collaborative Law (A2CL)

We are are launching a new program to help modest-means clients divorce collaboratively.

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