Presenter: Attorney Donald N. Freedman, Newton, concentrates his practice in elder law, work- and entitlement-related legal problems of adults with disabilities, and special estate planning for families with children with disabilities and other special needs. He also advises trustees, guardians and other fiduciaries on most appropriately meeting their responsibilities.

The Disabled or Ill Spouse in a Collaborative Divorce: Creative Approaches and Use of Joint Experts. Have you been involved in a divorce case that screams out for financial planning to avoid the rapid spend down of assets on the care of an ill or disabled spouse?  Don’s perspectives as a joint expert in a Collaborative case can be vital to helping the couple think through whether they may benefit from public funding for health care, depending on a party’s anticipated special needs and the parties’ financial resources.  The discussion will include the downsides of such planning in a divorce settlement, such as the special needs spouse’s loss of direct access and control. Hypothetical cases will be discussed that either involve sufficient assets that moot special needs planning or a lower level of assets that may require it.  

Rachel Goldman and Doris Tennant will comment on a Collaborative case with substantial assets in which Don was the joint expert, with one party requiring special needs long term planning.   

Co Chairs:      Doris Tennant and Lisa J. Smith

Usually meets the 4th Tuesday of each month

Bring your lunch, water will be provided

Email Joan Atkinson for more info . . . and to rsvp by 9/20

September 26, 2017 12:00 PM   through   1:30 PM
80 William Street
Fields and Dennis
Suite 210
Wellesley, MA 02481
United States

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