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Those new to the profession qualify for a discounted annual membership for a maximum of 5 years. You must still meet the MCLC Standards for Collaborative Practitioners.
Existing members who have retired from practicing collaborative law, but who would like to remain involved with MCLC.
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Applicants must have completed Collaborative Law Interdisciplinary Training for standard MCLC membership. If you have not completed the training, you may still join MCLC as a Professional or Student member. Please review MCLC's Membership Standards for Collaborative Practitioners, MCLC's Protocols for Best Collaborative Practices, and IACP's Ethical Standards for Collaborative Practitioners.

When engaged in Collaborative Practice, do you diligently strive to practice in a manner consistent with the following: Massachusetts Collaborative Law Council Protocols for Best Collaborative Practices; and IACP Ethical Standards for Collaborative Practitioners?
MCLC strongly suggests that every (2) year period members complete at least three (3) hours of additional Collaborative Practice training and attend at least six (6) MCLC-sponsored meetings. *

*Additional training includes (but may not be limited to) any MCLC-sponsored Advanced Training, the IACP Institute (Advanced Training), and the IACP Forum. Please email with questions.

MCLC does not verify applicants’ answers to any of the above questions. We rely on applicants completing the membership application honestly and are not responsible for any inaccurate statements or responses.

MCLC and IACP occasionally make members’ addresses (excluding telephone and email) available to other colleague organizations and to vendors who provide products and services to the collaborative community.
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